“Mark came to speak to my students after they had viewed and discussed “Lesson Plan.” Mark is an engaging and natural speaker students can relate to, and the film itself is very moving, raising questions that provoke real thought and learning. That it is a true story gives it more weight, and to have Mark there to fill in the details and share the emotional impact the experience had on him and his classmates really brought the film’s themes home to the kids. The personal insight and interaction helped them realize this is something that really happened, and could really happen again. The experience was an invaluable one my students will not forget, and I am already looking forward to having Mark back again this year.”
Tamara Bunnell

The Northwest School, Seattle, Washington (visits June 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)

“Having Mark Hancock come and speak to the students at my school made both the literature that we read and the history that we studied come to life. My students enjoyed his presentation so much that we invited him back the next year and plan to have him come in future years as well. Mark’s visit helps students understand and put a human face on abstract concepts like totalitarianism, conformity, and leadership. His presentation would work well for English, history, and psychology courses. What I especially liked is how Mark listened and responded to my students’ questions and how flexible he was in working with me and my colleague. Many times guest speakers do not know how to reach students. This is not the case with Mark. His responses were clear and engaging. Mark’s presentation coupled with the documentary, “Lesson Plan,” provide a unique opportunity for students to learn about history and human nature.”
Tina Proctor

The Overlake School, Redmond, Washington (visits Oct. 2012, & Oct. 2013)

“Having Mark Hancock come for our performances of “The Third Wave” was extremely worthwhile. Mark met with the cast members after dress rehearsal and held question and answer sessions with the audiences after the performances. Mark did not talk down to the students, but talked to them as equals and they responded accordingly. They had a lot of questions and Mark mesmerized them with his accounts of what really happened back in 1967. Mark was equally engaging with the audiences. They were totally attentive and the question and answer sessions seemed to go by far too quickly. Mark’s presence made a great story even more captivating.
Mark was excellent with my play cast, as well as my audiences. The play cast members connected with Mark immediately and learned so much. My audiences found Mark to be extremely informative and knowledgeable. Mark also showed the Wave documentary film ‘Lesson Plan’ to three of my English classes, and visited with those students as well. I received a large number of thank you’s for inviting Mark to join us.”

Al Schut

Western Michigan Christian High School, Muskegon, MI (visit Nov. 2013)

“As an added bonus to the play itself, one of the students from that 1967 class had come to Israel from the US to participate in a Q&A session for the run’s last three performances. Mark Hancock, open and forthright, was glad to answer questions about his involvement in the life-changing experiment.”

Jerusalem Post, March 12, 2013